Firle Hill Climb Revival

Bo Peep Drivers Club

"Up the mountain quickly"

The Fith Charitable Firle Hill Climb Revival

Sunday 15th September 2019

Gates open at 09:00 Bopeep Lane, BN26 6UJ Family friendly, inclusive fun Live band, vintage bus bar, great food and eighty fantastic classic cars in action!

Champion of the Hill 2018

HWM Stovebolt Special
Simon Taylor keeping a brave face upon receiving the "Bonnet & Goggles" Trophy.
Will he and the car be back next year?

Champion of the Hill 2018

The story so far

The story so far
The story starts back in 1949 when the Bentley Drivers Club went searching for a suitable site on which to race. At that point in time all the good places were still under the control of the military. But then they found a steep little lane in Sussex and started to blast their way up the hill. BARC assumed control of the racing and the event continued through to 1967. All was going so well, then a Lotus (Lots of Trouble Usually Serious) departed the lane and collided with a group of unfortunate ramblers who were rambling lower down the hill. That was that, no longer considered to be safe and manageable the event was halted.

Fast forward to 2014 when Bo Peep founder member Rob Bryant was on one of his usual walks along the hill top and decided to deviate from that usual route. The subsequent climb back up the very steep and twisting lane gave rise to the thought that "this would make a great place for a hill climb". Back at home and after a brief bit of on line research the history of the hill was revealed. The hill climb would return!

It took almost eighteen months to plan. Permission from the Firle Estate was gained, local residents and farmers came on side and then Wealden District Council consented to close the lane for just one day in September. That first event attached itself to a charitable cause, the Chailey Heritage Foundation and that allegiance still stands strong today.

The fourth hill climb will take place on Sunday 16th September 2018. The total raised by our sponsors, drivers and the general public has provided our chosen charity with funds totaling a little under £11,000 in three years. So joins us in September and help us to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Chailey Heritage Foundation

Chailey Heritage Foundation

The chailey Heritage Foundation is a truly incredible place to visit. The work that is carried out there every single day by the compassionate and dedicated staff is enough to melt  the heart of even the most stoney hearted person. In our small way the Bo Peep Drivers Club strive to raise funds for the Therapeutic Horse Riding Centre, which is just one of the outstanding facilities to be found at the school. Take a look at the Chailey Heritage Foundation website for details of how to get involved, support or just follow their superb work.

Chailey Heritage Foundation

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Please use the form below to contact us or if you wish to join our number. Membership to the Bo Peep Drivers Club is cheap and simple. A new member will pay just £10.00, a renewal is only £5.00. You do not get a great deal in fact! A window sticker and a tasteful little membership badge. What you really get is to mix with some great people and their cars with like minds, in an inclusive and relaxed club.
                                        Please note that due to demand, membership does not guarantee a place in the hill climb.                                                         Complete your details below, leave a message and we will be in touch.