Firle Hill Climb Revival

"a charitable association of classic car enthusiasts"

"Up the mountain quickly"

The Sixth Firle Hill Climb Revival,

has been postponed until Sunday 19th September 2021

Please support the Brighton Speed Trials which has been cancelled this year by signing up to the e-petition on Brighton & Hove City Councils website. "Reopen Madeira Drive to all users" Photograph courtesy of Peter Hand

What we are all about

What we are all about
The Firle hill climb revival came first and the Bo Peep Drivers Club followed soon after. The name of the club took inspiration from the group of people who took part in that first revival back in 2015 and therefore drove up the lane at Bopeep bostal in their classic cars. So of course the club is about classic cars, the hill climb at Firle and having fun. There are monthly meets and the odd track day thrown in for good measure.

Most importantly though, it is about using our classic cars to raise funds for our two chosen charitable causes. The Southfield Trust of Eastbourne and CHEC of Chailey. The club itself is not a registered charity but a registered not for profit limited company that raises funds on behalf of other charities.

The club itself relies upon volunteers to help run the club, stage the hill climb and other events. The revised and modest membership fee* covers the cost of administration and includes a £10.00 donation to our chosen charities. In return for your membership payment you will receive a badge, car sticker, key fob, email up dates and bi-monthly electronic news letter. Membership of the club does not necessarily guarantee a place in the hill climb paddock.

The club requires those who are happy to assist, especially with the running of the hill climb even if they were not successful in gaining a place in the paddock that year. We need marshals, car park attendants, binmen (or women) and anyone who is prepared to pitch in. It is about helping others and giving something back. It is not just a pay and turn up event but a commitment to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

* The new membership fee of £20.00 per annum and package will start from January 1st 2021.

Events 2020

Events 2020

The sixth Firle hill climb revival 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled but we will be back next year! Keep an eye on this page, Fb and your emails if you subscribe to them for updates and news of future events as and when we may proceed with normality.

The Brighton Speed Trials 2020 has been cancelled. This event is not connected to the Firle hill climb but the B.P.D.C. whole heartedly support this event and the Brighton & Hove Motor Club that host the event. The cancellation is not simply due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the future of this superb event is once again under threat. Please support the Speed Trials by signing the e-petition on Brighton & Hove City website, "Reopen Madeira Drive to all users". The B.P.D.C. wishes our colleagues in Brighton every success in the future.

 Best wishes to all, keep safe and well.


Big cheque and one CHEC

The Chailey Heritage Enterprise Centre have supported the hill climb since day one. They have produced all of our programmes, posters, banners and merchandise. This year it was fantastic to be able to give something back.

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The weather did not spoil the fun that was had by all at the handover of the big cheque at Hazel Court FE in Eastbourne. The students enjoyed the classic cars and the cars owners enjoyed seeing that engagement and fun. Here is to many more years of support for the Southfield Trust.

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Champion of the Hill 2019

Rolls Royce Handlye Special.
Gentleman driver, Robin Beech receiving the "Bonnet & Goggles" Trophy for the second time in four years.
Photography courtesy of Rachel Persaud.

Champion of the Hill 2019

The Southfield Trust

The Southfield Trust
The Bo Peep Drivers Club are pleased to announce our new charitable partnership with the Southfield Trust which is based in Eastbourne. The trust currently oversee three outstanding special schools with a fourth due to be up and running late in 2020. The Trust supports over 300 hundred learners with a range of disabilities.

We hope to build a close working relationship with the Trust and involve as many students, parents and families as possible.

The Southfield Trust​​​

Contact or join us!

Please use the form below to contact us or if you wish to join our number. Membership to the Bo Peep Drivers Club is cheap and simple. A new member will pay just £10.00, a renewal is only £5.00. You do not get a great deal in fact! A window sticker and a tasteful little membership badge. What you really get is to mix with some great people and their cars with like minds, in an inclusive and relaxed club.
                                        Please note that due to demand, membership does not guarantee a place in the hill climb.                                                         Complete your details below, leave a message and we will be in touch.